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10 Problems Solved

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10 Problems Solved


The Jumpstart London™ program is designed for travellers!, If you are looking for a setup that permits you to travel as often as you like, work as little or much as you want, and earn the highest possible amount in the shortest period.

Problem 1 – Cashflow through out your travels. Ask any traveller! the quickest way to end an adventure is running out of cash. With the Jumpstart London package, you earn immediately upon arrival, and you earn when you get back from travelling. You can use this as your first job or the job you use until you find your preferred position, or secondary job giving you the ability to generate the cash you need to fund your future adventures. Earn top rates of up to £15 per hour and work up to 70 hours per week.


Problem 2 – Affordable accommodation for travellers on the go. We typically encounter two types of individuals on UK working holidays. Those who pursue career goals and those who want to travel as often as possible to gain real-life experience. If you are one of the latter, then you should keep the cost of rent as cheap as possible. On the Jumpstart London, you get to rent rooms from as little as £85 a week. Rent in London can set you back as much as £200 per week if you are not careful.


Problem 3 – Job Security
It is common for travellers to start a new job only then to meet people about to embark on an excellent adventure which they are dying to join, the worry usually is, will my boss let me go? Will I have the job when I get back from travelling? Typically, this will be the deciding factor where or not you go. Imagine you don’t have this worry. With us, you can travel as often as you like and pick up your shifts when you get back. No questions asked. You will have access to our online shift booking system while you are away, so your shifts are booked and secured before you return.


Problem 4 – Making travel friends.
Travelling on your own can be daunting for some, so meeting other solo travellers can be a game changer for your adventure. Again, our speciality!! We also cater to people travelling on their own by matching them up with others in the same situation.


Problem 5 – Where to start
Top tip for protecting your travel funds and savings is getting work ASAP and opening your bank account ASAP so that you can get paid. Get your National Insurance number ASAP so you can start work straight away. Dipping into your savings to get yourself set up in the UK will just delay your future trips. It’s common for folks to arrive in London, book a hostel and get stuck in catch 22 for months. With us, all your “Must Have” items are dealt with in week 1, and by week two you are earning already. You just can’t go wrong.


Problem 6 – Returning after travelling
Now here’s a biggy!! No one plans for, when you get back from travelling and you are flat broke. For most, the process of job hunting and room sourcing starts all over again – but this time you do not have a heap of savings to back you up. Oooopss! Let us make it easy for you. Join the Jumpstart London, and this problem disappears!
One week before you are due to come back to London, log into your online account request a new room and enter your shifts for work.
Then check your emails, and you room details are provided, and your shifts are confirmed BOOM!


Problem 7 – Working in Europe
Well here’s a beauty! You will find this offer exclusively with The Working Holiday Club™. We have 4 locations in France and Spain for you. Our Adventure resorts will accommodate you on a UK work visa. * Terms apply. Apply today and find out how this works.


Problem 8 – “Work Less Travel More.”
Ok, the top mistake working holiday makers make is not travelling enough by the time the work visa ends. This happens for multiple reasons; paying to much rent, taking jobs with fixed hours on min rate, temp jobs with inconstant assignments and so forth. To avoid this, you should focus on how to work less and travel more. You do this by taking a job that does not restrict you to fixed hours per week.

Scenario: John wants to do sail Croatia followed by a Contiki trip with his mates for two months. John needs £1500. John’s friends are leaving in 5 weeks. If John was working in a pub with 35 hours per at £5.57 per hour John will need to work 260 hours to make his target. John needs to work for seven weeks. At this stage, John is not going to make it in time. 🙁

Now let’s give John the Jumpstart London job. John is going to help set up events; he will earn £8.50 an hour, and John can work 60 hours a week (70 if he has the stomach for it) With this job John only has to work 176 hours to reach his target. John only has to work three weeks, and his goal is achieved! This John is going travelling with his mates. We also have a labouring job that pays £10 an hour, helping set up theatre sets, movie sets and concert staging (heavy lifting involved).


Problem 9 – Sharing costs to save.
Is London expensive? Yes. What’s most expensive? RENT! Sharing is the new black. Why fork out £160 + for a room that you only need for sleeping? Share that cost with another and get yourself out there travelling. If you partner up with someone, be it a friend, partner or a new travel buddy that you meet on the route you can share most costs and half. Food, bills, rent, etc. This is our speciality; we are geared up to help you share and to reduce living costs, so you get to travel more


Problem 10 – Trying new things
So you want to try something new, but you’re afraid it might not work out? You need backup job and room that you can always come back to so you can get out there and take a few risks and learn new things. We are your wingman and your support team to help you do just that!


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