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Would you like to make a difference with us? Become a Climate Activist in the Caribbean


After experiencing the damages of several climate disasters, Richmond Vale Academy initiated The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference (CCC) 2012 – 2021 as a concrete contribution to St. Vincent getting ready for climate change. The CCC has invited more than 200 people from St. Vincent and across the world to participate in research, studies followed by concrete actions with the many Vincentians to make St. Vincent ready for climate change.

The CCC has so far impacted 50 000 people locally and abroad, planted 25.000 trees, assisted farmers in growing more sustainably, taught lessons to 15 000 students and community groups and produced a row of radio and tv programs plus distributed thousands of climate compliance newspapers.

You are needed in these efforts! The program offers an opportunity for you as a participant to have an impact on the environment and many people’s lives while at the same time developing yourself personally, academically and socially.


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The expected impact on you participating in this program

The program will give the Participant an understanding of what Climate Change actually means and will thus build capacity in order to deal with what is to come. It also offers an opportunity to become the driving force in his/her own development, and through his/her own example to empower others in becoming creators in their own development. It allows the Participant to see him/herself as one actor among many in a movement where profound development takes place with effect and impact in many peoples’ lives. The project promotes peace and understanding through its people to people values.

The Climate Compliance Conference Program
The conference participants join the program at Richmond Vale Academy for 1-6 months. The participants work in teams, study and research about global warming and climate change, take part in developing the RVA Climate Center as well as taking concrete actions like teach in schools and communities, start vegetable gardens and plant trees with different community groups and individuals. The group at RVA remains small and renews itself every year and the number of Vincentians joining and inviting the conference participants for actions, discussions is continually growing.
When new participants arrive they first of all study deeper about Global Warming and Climate change and carry out investigations and research in St. Vincent. After one month of studies the participants start to take concrete actions first a home in Richmond then four months in St. Vincent in close collaboration with community groups, individuals, ministries and schools.

Each team carries out extensive research in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to learn from people, hear their stories, discuss, and through trial and error moves step by step forward creating the climate center while they learn and develop.

The Climate Change Activist 6-Month Program
Investigating Climate Change (1 Month)
Courses about Global Warming, Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture, Pollution, The Oceans, Small Island Development States, the Caribbean and what we can do together to adapt to the changing climate in St. Vincent.

During the 1st month of the program, the main focus is on studying and investigating the effects of climate change and global warming, both on a global scale and more specific in St. Vincent.

You will go out and investigate the damages climate change has already brought upon this island. In this period you build the foundation for the projects you will carry out in the next 5 months of the program where you make actions and teach in the communities. Planting vetiver grass and trees to prevent soil erosion and landslides, beach cleanups to prevent pollution, improve home gardens with families – all this along with teaching in schools and communities.

The Working Holiday Club