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Are you looking for an outdoor activity instructor job with free rent and meals?

  1. Are you happy working with kids and alongside young travellers, residing in our staff accommodation?
  2. Then you could be just right for our Outdoor Activities Gap Year Program in the UK. 
  3. Work as an outdoor activity guide 
  4. Work full time for 3-6 months.
  5. Flexible contracts to allow you to travel in the middle of the season and come back to a different resort placement. Live and work at any of our camps in the UK, located between Scotland (North) and Isle of Wight (South), the door is open to you for the duration of your visa.
  6. Hoping to work in Europe for the summer? Why not work as an adventure tour guide with us and take a placement in France or Spain at one of our resorts. Rent and meals are provided for the duration of your placement. Full training course included. Apply Now
  7. Our adventure gap year placement is a unique experience suited for those who love working with kids. Consider this option as an alternative to a nanny or Au Pair, with more flexibility and fun! Your placement is also a travel-friendly adventure job; with commitment periods of only a few months at a time.


Calling all travellers with aspirations in adventure tourism; this gap year placement will give you the ultimate kickstart to your career. Are you currently studying for a job in adventure sports or looking at a career in adventure tourism? Look no further you have just found the ultimate Kickstarter program.


Outdoor activity instructor job description

We are looking for an enthusiastic, attentive Camp Counselor to lead, support, and motivate campers as they enjoy all that the camp has to offer. The Camp Counselor will help plan events and lead group events, monitor campers and respond to incidents, such as behavioural problems or accidents, log events and maintain records relating to activities, and discuss camper participation and concerns with parents and other camp staff members.You should be positive, proactive, and caring while focusing on giving campers a fun, safe camp experience.

To succeed as a Camp Counselor, you should be upbeat, decisive, and responsible. You should also be organized and possess strong leadership skills.


Outdoor activity instructor job responsibility

  • Working with other camp staff members to plan and coordinate camp events.
  • Leading and supporting campers as they participate in age-appropriate activities.
  • Monitoring campers to ensure compliance with camp rules and prevent accidents.
  • Cleaning, maintaining and ensuring proper use of camp facilities and equipment.
  • Reporting and recording details of incidents, such as accidents or rule violations, to parents and camp staff.
  • Memorizing all emergency procedures and enforcing camp rules.
  • Participating in staff meetings.


Camp Counselor Requirements:

  • High School Diploma, equivalent, or active enrollment in school.
  • Experience working in camps, with children, or with specific activities may be preferred.
  • First aid, CPR, and additional training may be required or beneficial.
  • Physical ability to participate in activities, run, climb, swim, lift, or support the weight of children.
  • Ability to pass a background check, a physical, and proof of immunizations.
  • High level of responsibility and accountability.
  • Upbeat, engaging personality.
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.


The Working Holiday Club