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The Traveler’s Guide  Photo by Larm Rmah So you’ve decided to travel with a purpose and volunteer abroad? Welcome to the community! Volunteering abroad in exchange for food and accommodation is a wonderful way to save money, learn new skills, help others and experience the local lifestyle. While these are all great ways to enrich your life, there are a few things you’ll need to watch out for. For example, some people use these programs as an opportunity to exploit for cheap labor. It happens to a lot of young travelers, and

Because sometimes jumping on that big bird is not only the most convenient way to travel, it can be the cheapest too. Welcome to the world of budget European airlines. Air travel might not have been the first thing you expected to find in our guide to backpacking Europe, but sometimes it just makes so much sense. Whether it’s to cover a long distance, or to cross an otherwise difficult-to-ass geographic feature, like a sea or mountain range, air travel can be a wonderful addition to your menagerie of budget-Euro-travel

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