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+ What Is A School Leaver Programme? It's the method used by school leavers on an overseas working holiday.  Suitable jobs and staff housing are secured pre-departure as stepping stone. Employment and level of experience required are matched to school leavers and students with less than 12 months relevant work experience.   You get Straight Into The World Of Work Stright Into Community Straight Into Affordable Safe Housing On The Job Experience In-House Training Building Up New Skills Security Of Work Gauarteeed work progression oppernitees until visa expiry date + What type of

The absolute best way to turn that 90-day Schengen visa into a year and sometimes more of continental good times. OK so look, maybe 90 days isn’t quite enough time to really give Europe a good once over, and imagine if you got both legally stay for longer and maybe make a little money to make said staying for longer more economically viable. Well imagine no more, our little intrepid crusty backpack carriers, because you’re about to get (information on) your first European working holiday visa. How does the program

Volunteering with Coins For Change in Vietnam Welcome to the HelpStay Volunteering Visa Guide to Backpacking in Southeast Asia. Please note: Foreigners of non-ASEAN countries are not legally allowed to work in most of Southeast Asia without a valid work permit, and so ‘working’ in exchange for food and accommodation cannot be considered ‘paid work.’ Volunteering Visa Guide All of the advice in the HelpStay Volunteering Visa Guide pertains specifically to travelling as a tourist as most volunteers must enter a country only as a tourist. This is unless you have official documentation from

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