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We are a Franco-American couple who have embarked on an adventure in the beautiful south of France next to the Pyrenees mountains and Spain :) Message us about a volunteer stay with us. Chateau de Siradan needs to be completely cleaned out, reworked, polished and presented as the beauty she formerly was ! We're looking for people who want to be a part of this history. The chateau has been in the same family since the 1600's. It sits on 2 hectares just 20 minutes from the Spanish border

Meet Interesting people We run a beautiful little coffee shop and small hostel on the Ring of Kerry in Ireland. A great location with a vibrant tourist community.We run a beautiful small and quirky coffee shop and hostel in South West Kerry in Ireland.This is a small community with a vibrant tourist trade from March until November. It is a beautiful part of the country with lots of stunning scenery and plenty of outdoor activities to be enjoyed. Tasks to be carried out would be varied and interesting with lots

Calling Social, Happy & Helpful Volunteers - Help at a Naturist Guest House in Sunny Spain. I run a Naturist Guest house in Sunny Southern Spain and would love your help in keeping the property clean and tidy but especially in enhancing guests holidays making them feel welcome and special. This is a rural/countryside retreat and has over 70 acres of land covered with Lemon, Orange and Olive trees. Guests come here to relax without clothing and its expected that volunteers challenge themselves and enjoy getting that all-over tan

Stay duration: min 21 day(s) Minimum Age: 18+ Places available for: 2 helpers Experience a hostel work exchange in Canada with us. We require volunteer help with tasks in our backpacker hostel and with renovating our country home in the Quebec region. In exchange, you will be lodging free in our hostel and we will provide all your meals on days you are working. The schedules are determined by shifts of 5 hours 5 days per week. We offer bed in a volunteer shared 4 people unisex room and breakfast and lunch

Manuel & Jaime Surfers & Resident Hosts We are 2 surfers friends (24-29) starting a travel and sleep project. With the help of the volunteers, we build a 4-storey tree house with all recycled materials with the idea of rent it for sleep and use it like a base for all the trips that we want to do. Also, our Australian friend just bought a bus to convert it into a motor-home with all recycled material. Her idea is to find a crew to travel South America and help her

+ What Is A School Leaver Programme? It's the method used by school leavers on an overseas working holiday.  Suitable jobs and staff housing are secured pre-departure as stepping stone. Employment and level of experience required are matched to school leavers and students with less than 12 months relevant work experience.   You get Straight Into The World Of Work Stright Into Community Straight Into Affordable Safe Housing On The Job Experience In-House Training Building Up New Skills Security Of Work Gauarteeed work progression oppernitees until visa expiry date + What type of

 began dreaming about my trip abroad and hostel work stay about a year before I stepped foot on the plane. You can bet I spent a lot of time thinking and planning–mostly about how a recent grad like myself with scarce savings could pull off an international experience. From studying abroad to living abroad I wanted to go back to Santiago, Chile. After studying abroad there, I knew I wanted to go back, but I wasn’t sure how to pull it off. With student loans just around the corner, I

The Traveler’s Guide  Photo by Larm Rmah So you’ve decided to travel with a purpose and volunteer abroad? Welcome to the community! Volunteering abroad in exchange for food and accommodation is a wonderful way to save money, learn new skills, help others and experience the local lifestyle. While these are all great ways to enrich your life, there are a few things you’ll need to watch out for. For example, some people use these programs as an opportunity to exploit for cheap labor. It happens to a lot of young travelers, and

The absolute best way to turn that 90-day Schengen visa into a year and sometimes more of continental good times. OK so look, maybe 90 days isn’t quite enough time to really give Europe a good once over, and imagine if you got both legally stay for longer and maybe make a little money to make said staying for longer more economically viable. Well imagine no more, our little intrepid crusty backpack carriers, because you’re about to get (information on) your first European working holiday visa. How does the program

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