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Events Crew Work

London is the location of our head office and is the region in which we are the busiest. The dynamic environment in London means our crew can engage in a wide range of skilled event crew jobs in London, including drivers, carpenters, electricians and technical crew – and that’s just the start of training we offer!

At Gallowglass, we are constantly working to meet the requirements of our clients, which often means training up staff in specialist areas. The majority of our team members are trained in-house to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills they need to be able to do their individual jobs efficiently and safely, whilst working within the event crew team. We also call upon specialists on occasion to train our crew in their field for the benefit of both our clients and our employees, ensuring our team have the skills and experience needed for any event in London.

The London Crew Managers can call upon more than 160 crew members on a daily basis, and our unique I.T. systems allow us to supply the right crew with the right skills for each job.

So, as well as general crewing expertise, our London teams have specific skill knowledge of working with staging, lighting, studios and theatres, exhibitions, to name a few. This gives many of our clients’ control over tightening budgets by not having to employ different specialists for each area of event set-up, whilst giving our event crew exciting new opportunities to engage within many special events.

Our flexible zero hour contracts and attractive rates of pay start at £8.50 an hour and can rise to up to £17.00 per hour for specialist roles. There are a limited amount of other careers that offer this kind of flexibility!

With over 21 years’ experience in event crewing as a company, and over 100 years’ collective experience within an events crew team, Gallowglass’ expertise is second to none in the industry.

If you are looking for event crew jobs in London, Check out our Jumpstart Programme.

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