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Honey Harvest Helping & Exploring the Canadian Rockies

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Honey Harvest Helping & Exploring the Canadian Rockies

Cory & FamilyBeeKeepers
We are starting an apiary (taking care of honey bees) and harvesting honey. I run around 500 hives and am looking for some help to manage my hives. Don’t worry I’ve got all the protective work wear, but that being said, you may still get the odd sting here or there. This is a unique opportunity, We have a bedroom for you to stay and would be welcome to share all your meals with us. We have a car that you could use on your off time, and following the summer we live in the Canadian Rocky Mountains so If you wanted to stick around and hit the slopes we could help you figure that out too! We would be more than grateful for any help.
I am looking for help with my honey harvest. We hope to provide a fun place for you to stay. We have a car for you to use after working and also for your off days. We provide your internet, food, bed, coverall veil and gloves. You would need boots and some work clothes and we will let the fun begin. No commitment, if it’s not for you that is fine, we just want to provide a unique experience in beautiful Canada.
  • 30 hours/week
  • internet, food & bed.


Enquire now for more info:

AUSTRALIA 1300 295 579
NEW ZEALAND 09 973 5913

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