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Nannying Jobs – London

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Nannying Jobs – London

Programs we offer a guaranteed job pre-departure;


Working as a nanny in the UK means you’re more than just an Au Pair, you’re a new member of the family.

Start Dates: All year round
Wage: £160 – £550 p/w *depending on relevant experience
Meals: When you join The Working Holiday Club™ Nanny Program you will receive free food in addition to your wages
Accommodation: When you join The Working Holiday Club™ Nanny Program you will receive free accommodation in addition to your wages

Nannies provide families with an excellent opportunity to get some much-needed help with childcare, as well as employ someone who can manage light housekeeping duties. This service is invaluable to modern families with two working parents.

Childcare responsibilities depend on the children’s’ ages, but they may include:

  • helping the children get ready
  • taking them to school and back
  • preparing any snacks, meals and drinks


Our families looking for a nanny require:

  • at least one year of verifiable childcare experience
  • at least a one-year commitment (travel plans are not permitted until after 12 months)
  • A CRB check
  • A clean driving record

Nannies are required to take care of children, and their tasks vary according to ages and the number of children they care. When they take care of babies or very young kids, their duties are usually related to changing nappies, dressing, bathing, and feeding. Older children have different and new requirements, such as education, reading and writing skills and basic social knowledge. They can also play with children in recreational activities at home or in parks.


Nannies usually perform many of the following tasks:

  • Cooking children’s’ meals
  • Cleaning bedrooms
  • Caring for children with physical disabilities
  • Promoting children’s’ learning processes
  • Taking children to school



  • Having interest in the personal development of children
  • Being reliable and trustworthy
  • Being tolerant and patient
  • Being able to stay calm under pressure
  • Having domestic skills
  • Having common sense
  • Having interpersonal abilities
  • Being flexible and proactive
  • Having sufficient stamina and energy
  • Being able to work extra hours

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