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Restoration of a French Chateau (France)

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Restoration of a French Chateau (France)

We are a Franco-American couple who have embarked on an adventure in the beautiful south of France next to the Pyrenees mountains and Spain 🙂 Message us about a volunteer stay with us.

Chateau de Siradan needs to be completely cleaned out, reworked, polished and presented as the beauty she formerly was ! We’re looking for people who want to be a part of this history. The chateau has been in the same family since the 1600’s. It sits on 2 hectares just 20 minutes from the Spanish border at the base of the Pyrenées Mountains. The project will be done in phases with the first phase being new electricity, plumbing and septic. Although we have hired a crew to do these jobs, there are oh so many other things that need to be done:

Removing old wallpaper (while keeping a piece for each room to put in a frame !)
Removing, sanding, painting all windows – we would really like to keep the charm of the original glass
Various Painting
Various tile repairs/replacement
Completely gutting a section of the back of the ground floor
Planting trees around the property as well as creating a garden
Rewiring old lighting
Gutting and clearing old stables/animal quarters
Drywall/Plaster Repair
The list will keep going and going, we are sure, but this is the beginning !
Installing lighting
Installing toilets, sinks


French Chateau

French Chateau


Enquire now for more info:

AUSTRALIA 1300 295 579
NEW ZEALAND 09 973 5913

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