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Retail Assistant – Adventure Resorts

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Retail Assistant – Adventure Resorts

Programs we offer a guaranteed job pre departure, as a Retail Assistant;

Adventure Resorts
Ultimate Gap Year


Program Details:

  • Start Dates: February – September
  • You pay apprentice – £101.15 per week
  • On-apprentice (under 21) – £145.15 per week
  • Non-apprentice (21+) – £203.95 per week
  • Meals: When you join The Working Holiday Club™ Adventure Resort Program you will receive free food in addition to your wages.
  • Accommodation: When you join The Working Holiday Club™ Adventure Resort Program you will receive free accommodation in addition to your wages.
  • Uniforms: Your exclusive, practical and durable staff uniform is provided free of charge with no deposit required.

If you’re looking for the chance to work in retail while expanding your skill base, The Working Holiday Club™ has opportunities for you! You can combine a retail role with responsibilities as an assistant or a housekeeper or caterer. This means that as well as taking up the challenge of delivering high standards of customer service, you will also have the chance to contribute to the operations that ensure that guests receive a great first impression on the centre, or ensure customers receive balanced, wholesome meals that fuel them for their day of activities.

Your role in the Retail team will involve you being responsible for:

  • Serving merchandise to guests
  • Labelling goods
  • Stocking shelves
  • Keeping accurate records of stock
  • Handling cash

In splitting duties between retail and either housekeeping or catering, you are guaranteed to develop a broad range of skills. These roles will vary slightly depending on centre size and needs of the centre.


William Haynes decided to take this job option with The Working Holiday Club™, and here’s his testimony:

“I came to work for PGL for the experience and to build my confidence. In my role, I provided a good service for the guests in the bar, shop and kitchen. Also, in the kitchen I assisted by pot washing and helping prep the salads with the chefs. In the bar and shop, I stocked up the shelves. The thing I enjoyed most about my job was working on the bar.

“It is great living on-centre because you socialise with people and it’s a fun environment to live in.
I will take the skills I learnt in PGL and used them to become a chef. People should come and work for PGL because you gain lots of experience, confidence and make lots of friends.”


The Working Holiday Club