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Become a qualified Snowboard or Ski Instructor



£1049 per person
Ski Season November - March 2019
19-30 years + Age


Want to live the dream and become a qualified Ski or Snowboard instructor? The Working Holiday Club is proud to announce that we have teamed up with SilverStar Ski Resort to offer Level 1 certifications with a  job opportunity on completion.

The courses commences in the first week of December and involves seven days of on-snow training before the three days course commences. You will also have plenty of time off to practice your skills before taking the final test.!

Silverstar has extremely high standards for their instructors so its important you understand the programme before jumping right in. To be eligible you MUST have experience working, teaching or volunteering with children in some capacity. If you are unsure about your experience levels and whether they would be enough simply ask your Canadian Working Holiday specialist!


7 Day Training Course

1 Day Assessment Course

CASI membership

Face-to-face Interview In Aus/NZ/UK/EU

Job Opportunities On Completion of the Certification

Free Volunteering Jobs Worldwide

On Mountain Staff Housing

Step-by-step Visa Assistance

First Night Accommodation On Arrival

In Country Support

Canada Arrival Guide

Access to Closed Facebook Groups


Important Information

Level 1’s

  • The Course includes the skills to teach children from first time to snowplough turns, class handling & safety, technical information, riding & demonstrating ability all based on the core skills used in the Australian teaching system.
  • The minimum skier ability level required is intermediate (parallel on blue runs)
  • No previous work experience is required but it is heavily favoured
  • 19 – 35 Years
  • Must Hold Aus, NZ, UK or EU passport
  • Have no drink diving offences
  • While success rates are high, they are not guaranteed.
  • Ski instuctor course & job £1049



Ski and snowboard instructors have the enviable job of spending their days on the slopes. These patient individuals teach everyone from wee tots to active seniors how to improve their skiing and snowboarding skills. They are also ambassadors on the mountain to ensure guests have a successful day and will return. The work is dependant on customer demand, so ski breaks are common within the workday.


  • Teaching duties relative to certification and experience with adults and or children in both groups and private lessons
  • Participation in training clinics
  • Be familiar with lessons and pricing to continue to promote skill development
  • Actively assist guests to remain in the sport
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities:
  • Minimum level 1 CSIA / CASI / CANSI or equivalent
  • Outstanding verbal and written skills
  • Polished interpersonal and motivational skills
  • Highly organized
  • Team player
  • Second language a definite asset

Hours: Per week range between 15-40 F/T
Wage: Minimum starting wage is $13.00 per hour and will vary depending on your qualification
Operational Hours: Operation hours can range from 8am till 3pm


As Part of the TWHC Programme, you will also receive

  • Face-to-face interview in Aus/NZ
  • Guaranteed job on completion of the certification.
  • On mountain staff housing
  • Free season lift pass
  • First nights accommodation on arrival to vancouver
  • Step by step visa assistance
  • In-country orientation

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  • Departure/Return Location
    Australia / New Zealand / UK
  • Departure Time
    November 2019
  • Return Time
  • Dress Code
    Uniform Provided

Application Process

Consultation Call
First of all we want to get to know you and what type of working holiday experience is going to be best for you! We will then ensure you meet the basic requirements of the Canadian Working Holiday Visa & that you are a good fit for our Canadian ski resort and hotel partners. Basically we want to make sure it’s a solid fit for you and for the resorts / hotels. We don’t make the final employment decision...the resorts / hotels do...we just make sure we prepare you as best as we can so employers have no other choice but to hire you!! We’re not backward in coming if this programme isn’t right for you...we’ll let you know, so we don’t waste your time, the resort/hotel’s time, our time and most importantly...your money!!!
Deposit Payment
Once you are keen to get things rolling and we are happy you fit the requirements an invoice will be sent to you of £150 .
Pre-Screening Application Forms
Once your deposit payment has been received we will then send you an online application form and our T&C's. Our T&C’s are there for you to READ not just tick make sure you read everything prior to jumping in with two feet!!! The online application form is an opportunity for applicants to let us know what resort & roles you're interested in & when they can start and plan to finish!!
Skype Pre-Screen Interview with The Working Holiday Club™
On completion of the application form, your documentation will be forwarded to our recruitment manager who then use this form to set up and conduct a pre-screen interview via SKYPE. This process can take upwards of 30 minutes and incorporates practical resort & job information plus interview questions, feedback and tips. The pre-screen is an interactive session & once complete, the applicant’s brain will be at critical mass with the massive amount of information given. Have a pen at the ready to jot down any relevant tips for later recall!! The recruitment manager spent more than 14 years in a Canadian ski resort, she’s ‘been there and done that...the information she’s imparting is super helpful!!!
Interview Placement
Post pre-screen, a resort & job preference will have been determined for the applicant given the amount of relevant experience, start and finish date availability and interview performance. Applicants will be advised by the recruitment manager if they are a fit or non-fit for specific resorts or hotels to ensure expectations are managed.
Resort Specific Application Form & Interview Documents
A resort specific application form will then be sent to the applicant. This form, once completed, will eventually be sent to the resorts for their consideration prior to face to face interview. The resort specific application form allows the applicant to upload their personal information and make statements on why they should be hired. This form requires applicants to upload their resume, letters of reference and a passport sized smiling photo plus other written information about themselves and their experiences.
Full Payment
30 days after making deposit payment your 549 pounds programme fee will be due. Don't stress we do have payment plans available if you need a little help ' Just Ask! The remaining amount (350 pounds) is the cost of the instructors course which is to be paid directly to the Ski resort on you arrival.
Resort / Hotel Interview
A face to face or Skype interview with a Canadian ski resort or hotel representative will then be set up on a one on one scenario. This date is usually set up months in advance allowing applicants to research and practice their interviewing skills. Once applicants have had their interviews with Canadian resort or hotel reps, applicants will not be advised if they have been successful until all applicants for that particular resort or hotel have been interviewed and considered. This can be at last 3-4 weeks. We are proud of our 92% Success rate with our interviewees :)
Job Contract
For those who have been offered roles, job offers will be sent out requesting confirmation of job and start dates. Resort contracts will then be released & sent directly to applicants from the employer and need to be read, signed and sent back within a timely manner to ensure jobs are confirmed!
Unsuccessful Candidates
For those who failed their interview, secondary interviews will be set up and the recruitment manager will be in touch to advise specifics of the next interview date and time. Secondary interview opportunities are based on resort availability and applicant suitability. No refunds will be considered until ALL avenues of employment are exhausted. At this point, if there are no remaining locations for potential employment, then a program refund will then be issued. Our role is to locate employment in Canada for applicants and we do not stop until we have tracked all opportunities down!!!

The Working Holiday Club