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£95 per person
26 - 30 August 2019
Age: Young at heart traveller 18+. Free trip if you bring your grandma+ Age


Buñol, near Valencia, Spain | 26th – 30th August – 2019

PRICE: €60 | AU$ 95 | US$72 | £53 PER NIGHT ALL-INCLUSIVE (2 nights minimum)


Who wants to be an ingredient in the world’s largest spaghetti bolognese? Or perhaps you want to spread yourself around like on a bruschetta? In any case, book now to La Tomatina Festival 2019 because it’s going to get pulpy, saucy and it’s going to be an awesome day of tomato throwing!

This is one of the ‘must do’ European festivals and definitely one of our faves. We dig it so much because when we ain’t hurling tomatoes at each other we’re chilling by the pool, sunning on the beach, dancing up a storm in Valencia city, or losing our minds in fun related incidents in Ibiza…


  • Includes transfers to and from the Tomato fight,
  • Tasty breakfast each morning,
  • Hearty dinner every second evening,
  • Experienced guides to lead you through the mayhem,
  • A Bloody Mary on the morning of La Tomatina Festival,


The Tomato Festival itself is one morning of madness; tens of thousands of people in a town of many less. Before the tomato fight even starts the locals have fun soaking all the festival goers with hoses, water bombs, water pistols and other water holding vessels. The streets are packed and they get even more so with the arrival of trucks carrying tomatoes- many, many tonnes of tomatoes.

Once we avoid getting squashed by the trucks the fight begins, and for the next little while we throw salad fruits to our hearts content at strangers, friends, locals and tourists alike. Once it’s all said and done, we get rinsed off by the locals (some even give us shampoo!) and head back to camp to smarten ourselves up ready to continue partying into the evening. at our official afterparty in Valencia!

We’re the only ones who will also arm you before battle, with Bloody Marys and piles of cooked spaghetti in your hand so you can put all that tomato slush to good use. And, of course, we provide you with a delicious bottle of sangria that will pair nicely with the carnage.



  • Where: Buñol, near Valencia, Spain
  • When: 26th August – 30th August
  • How: Meet us there or take our private shuttle from Barcelona and join us for a Barcelona stay before or after too if you like
  • Age: Young at heart traveller 18+. Free trip if you bring your grandma
  • Sleep: Camping accommodation (pre-erected twin share tent, mattress, sleeping bag)
  • Eat: Tasty breakfasts each morning and a hearty dinner every second night


YOU WILL GET  (3 Night Specials Package)

  • Breakfast and dinner daily at Tomatina campsite
  • Transfers to and from tomato fight
  • Experienced guides to lead you through the mayhem
  • Massive Stoke campsite parties each night
  • Beach games
  • Bloody Mary on the morning of La Tomatina
  • La Tomatina ticket
  • Tomatina Official After Party ticket and transport
  • Add-ons: Water & wine fight on night before the fight including return coach (20 € )
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  • Departure/Return Location
    Meet us there or take our private shuttle from Barcelona and join us for a Barcelona stay before or after too if you like
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable
  • Included

Tour Location

Puzol Playa Valencia, Spain


The night before La Tomatina Festival 2018, you can head to the Water & wine fight in Requeña and it won’t break the bank at €20 for the transport. We go there, we lurk about in the streets drinking and chilling with the locals. At 11pm you have the option to go into a fake bullfight (meaning no cute, little bulls get killed) – the bracelets are available there so you can just get ’em on arrival. At 1am, we all head through the streets lead by a brass band and the locals go nuts with wine and water and general frivolity… and so do we. Take a cup with you to drink deeply of the spoils of this cultural, calamitous water and wine war.

Should I bring a change of clothes?

Yes, especially if you are on the day trip. The bus driver will not let you on in tomato pulp. If you’re not on the day trip, maybe just bring a black plastic bag so they’ll let you on the bus back to camp. Also, be sure to stand directly in front of one of the hose-holding locals and let the beautiful, cold water clean you of excess fruit baggage before you head back towards the bus.


What else should I bring? 

Sunglasses and sunscreen as it gets pretty hot, a pillow and torch for your tent, goggles, condoms, a waterproof camera, swimmers to have a dip in the pool afterwards, old shoes that can be thrown out after the madness, and shampoo if you don’t want your hair stained red for the next month. Oh and don’t forget a towel.


What is the this foreplay party?

The foreplay party is what kicks starts the party at our campsite with live bands and DJs. Make sure to pack a good party shirt!


Are the shuttles to and from Tomatina and the other Water & Wine festival included in the price?

Yes and no. The shuttles to and from Tomatina are included. It’s €15 extra for the transportation to and from the Water & Wine fight. We also throw in some boxes of red wine to get you started. Please note the Tomatina bracelet is not included in the Meet Us There price, but is €10 extra. This is not our choice! The town council has imposed this extra charge. It is included in the package deals.


Do you provide transport from Valencia centre?

No, but getting to Puzol from Valencia is easy peasy and we pick you up from the train station there. We have set pickup times (9am – 8pm on the hour on the 27th and 28th August) and outside of that, email us 24 hours in advance and we’ll do our best to pick you up. If not, it’s a short taxi ride. See how to get there details for more info.


What is the breakfast like?

Breakfast is bacony and eggy and delicious. Sometimes there’a pancake or two thrown in for good measure. Our chefs are pretty fricking good at food.


It said on the website that it is a twin tent. Can it fit two people?

Yes, the twin tents are two-man tents. We have two-man tents, so if you are in a group of three, one of you will be tented with a new friend of the same sex. Tents are allocated on arrival, so just let us know your preferences when you arrive. We also have an option to have a private tent for a small additional fee – just in case you don’t want to share…. or if you want to leave space for the hottie you’re going to meet at our campsite… You never know…


And what amenities are offered at the camp site?

The campsite is awesome! It has a giant pool, a playground, a cafe/restaurant, a little shop, hot showers, laundry area, parking, drinkable water, and it’s a five-minute walk from the beach.


If someone throws a tomato at my head can I kick them?

Only if you kick them hard in the shins.


Will the tomato be good for my skin?

If by good you mean sting like hell but still be worth it, then yes.


If we are camping does that mean we’ll be attacked by wild animals?

We serve unlimited alcohol at our camps. You, my friend, will be the wild animal.

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