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Volunteer Helping Kids to Speak English in Vietnam

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Volunteer Helping Kids to Speak English in Vietnam

 We live in Ha giang which is a poor part of Vietnam. We have an English Club and we want to help kids to improve their English speaking and listening skills. We need volunteers to help us. In exchange, we’ll contribute towards your accommodation and food costs.

Volunteer Helping Kids to Speak English in Vietnam | Jolly English Club

Our club is a space where kids from Ha Giang City come together to spend the day in an English environment with locals and foreign volunteers. It’s not a conventional school with books and blackboards, but a place where everyone can share, teach and learn something.

As an English club, the members are willing to explore the city, go around the block, play games and chat for hours. And volunteers coming to Ha Giang can discover many beautiful places and experience local culture. And we hope to find travelers with same mindset, give the chance for the kids to be in touch with new ideas and people.

Kids arrive in the club around 9-11am and then from 2-5pm. The volunteers have freedom to arrange the schedule themselves. The house is in constant development, everyone can help to build a better place. As the children need some time to get involved and open themselves with the new volunteers, its nice if you can stay for a few weeks, get to know them and than take your time to travel around Ha Giang Province.


Enquire now for more info:

AUSTRALIA 1300 295 579
NEW ZEALAND 09 973 5913

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